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Engineering Consultants, Steam Specialists, Experts In Combined Heat & Power

SOTEN has the experience, the know-how, the technologies and solutions to meet or exceed your thermal power project objectives, from small to medium size plants (up to 70MW thermal).

We keep up to date with regulatory Framework, technical developments and market trends to constantly refine our skills and provide the finest services.

We work as one team with our clients and partners to develop and implement an optimised energy solution that is sustainable, reliable and profitable.


Centrale de cogénération SOTEN

Combined Heat & Power Plants (CHP or Cogeneration)

CHP plants for high thermal and electrical efficiencies:

  • With external combustion using a boiler and steam turbine (Rankine Cycle)
  • With internal combustion using a gas engine or gas turbine.
    Mostly from biomass sources (waste wood, crop residues, biogas…).
Centrale electrique turbine vapeur

Combined Cycle Power Plants

Combined cycles via a steam turbine and generator to recycle the exhaust heat of a gas/diesel engine or gas turbine. This increases the amount of electric power produced, hence greatly improving the overall plant efficiency.

Chaufferie chaudiere biomasse SOTEN

District Heating Plants using Biomass

Heating plants using biomass or waste to produce steam, hot water or thermal oïl for industrial use or eco-district heating.