The SOTEN project team: specialised engineers and technicians

SOTEN also benefits from a network of long term partners, which empowers SOTEN to fulfill global contracting assignments (EPC).

Our partners are lawyers, architects, control & inspection offices, specialised engineering consultants (acoustics, geotechnics, structural).

  • Guillaume (AGRO Toulouse, MINES ParisTech)
    Guillaume (AGRO Toulouse, MINES ParisTech) Project Director
    • Gurvan (Polytech Nantes)
      Gurvan (Polytech Nantes) Engineer
      • Renaldo (Polytechnic school of Bucharest)
        Renaldo (Polytechnic school of Bucharest) Engineer
        • Benjamin (ICAM NANTES)
          Benjamin (ICAM NANTES) Engineer
          • Olivier
            Olivier Works Supervisor
            • Cyril
              Cyril Works Supervisor
              • Mathieu
                Mathieu Designer
                • Thierry
                  Thierry 3D Draftman
                  • Christel
                    Christel Assistant
                    • Julien (ESTIA, BIDART)
                      Julien (ESTIA, BIDART) Engineer