Dec. 2016

Merger of Soten and Haffner-Energy

Sept. 2015

Shareholding change: Marc and Philippe Haffner provide the SOTEN shares to create the engineering contractor, HAFFNER ENERGY SAS, who in turns becomes the prime shareholder of SOTEN.

March 2015

Shareholding change: Eric Haffner gives his shares to Marc and Philippe Haffner.


Increase in capital from 38,100 to 150,000 Euros.


The company name was changed from FLUIDES TECNIC to SOTEN without any change in its ownership.


Joint development of 11 projects within the CRE 2 national bid Framework (July 2007).


Development of biomass activity, in particular with the construction Bagasse-fired power plant of Le Galion sugar refinery in Martinique, French Caribbean.


Company taken over by Marc, Philippe and Eric Haffner: engineering services for national emergency power systems (diesel engine generators, EJP type), combined heat and power plants, steam turbines.


1974 Creation of Fluides Tecnic by Paul Haffner to export industrial equipment in the Power Generation field.