A new combined Heat&Power plant coming soon in Lanvian

A new biomass-fired co-generation plant will be put into service at the begining of 2017, nearby Brest and more precisely in Lanvian.

A combined heat and electricity production that will heat 13 hectares of greenhouses throughout the year and sell electricity to Erdf (French electricity network). This is an original way, less expensive and an attractive solution to grow plant for 4 market gardeners.

The fuel used in this biomas plant will be wood chips (3-4 cm by 2 cm thick). These chips will be purchased from wood processors located in Brittany, before being transformed into plates. This wood comes from pruning and thinning surrounding forests. The biomas plant will use 50 000 m³ of this fuel per year on average.

These plates will be processed in a boiler to be burnt in order to produce high pressure steam. This steamm will be fed in a steam turbine then the expanded vapor will be converted into hot water in a condensor.

A 2 km long heating network (insulated pipes installed underground) will then heat the 13 hectares of greenhouses.


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