A new biomass-fired combined heat and power plant with gaseification process (CHP or cogeneration) Villers sous Monrond (Doubs, France)

TechnologyBiomass-fired combined heat and power plant with gaseification process (CHP or cogeneration)
End userSYNNOV Déchets (Bonnefoy Group)
SOTEN AssignmentPartly for Engineering, Procurement&Construction Management
LocationVillers sous Montrond (Doubs, France)
GeneratorSYNGAS boiler by Leroux&Lotz – Steam boiler by ENERIA
FuelWood biomass (scrap wood and raw timber)
and construction industry wastes
Fuel storage capacity11,000 m³
Electrical power7 MWel
Thermal power12 MWth
Fluid produced at boiler intletSteam at 19.5 bara & 420°C
Fluid produced at boiler oultetHot water 92°C (wood and farmer biomass drying,
heating of buildings)
ClassificationPlant authorized by prefectoral decree of July 7,2015.
5 ICPE classifications subject to authorization:
3520 (gaseification of biomass and waste),
2771 (heat treatment of non-hazardous waste),
2714-1 (storage and sorting of non-hazardous waste),
2260-2a (grinding and screening of biomass and waste)
Plant global efficiency75%
ImplementationApril 2018
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