Our positioning

Since 1994, SOTEN has been a leading company in the thermal power sector for small to medium size plants (up to 70 MWth), in particular for biomass-fired combined heat & power plants, with a very profound expertise in steam.

Biomass is the source of energy that is the most representative of our activity. We enable our clients to maximize their power generation, especially with combined heat & power projects developing renewable energies such as biomass. Our expertise and experience empower us to identify the best technical and financial compromise.

SOTEN has a strong relationship with major suppliers in the market place, which allows us to implement the best available technologies.

SOTEN operates principally in the development, design and construction of:

– Conbined heat & power plants (CHP or cogeneration) using steam turbine (biomass, incineration).
– Combined cycle power plants (gas/diesel engine or gas turbine combined with steam turbine).
– Waste heat recovery within industrial processes.
– District heating network.