Our skills and competences

SOTEN expertise and experience:

– Project management and engineering works devoted to energy process
– Assistance to contracting authority
– Development of new projects

More specifically, we carry out the following works or assignments:

– Expertise for the technical and financial feasibility of a project
– Technical expertise to upgrade existing plants and thermal processes
– From basic to detailed project engineering
– EPMC: Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management
– EPC/Turnkey: Engineering, Procurement & Construction contractor
– Representation, technical assistance to contracting authority (end user)
– Technical, adminstrative and financial project development


The SOTEN know-how

22 years of expertise with SOTEN, over 40 years of experience with Haffner Lda, and a proven track record of over 50 references including the first 2 biomass power plants in France.

Multiple experiences with the most efficient and competitive suppliers in the market: boiler makers, manufacturers of turbines, condensers or generators, engineering consultants, contractors,…

A deep knowledge in industrial and renewable energy sectors.

Master and experience in project development with the preparation of administrative, financial and legal arrangements.

A deep knowledge of environmental and technical regulations.

With a good international and multi-cultural environment knowledge, the SOTEN team can take complete assignments in English, Spanish or Portuguese, or can deal with non-French speaking suppliers.

Our areas of expertise:

– Scheduling, management and coordination of project execution
– Project management for the entire process, or for the plant as a whole together with a consulting engineer partner
– Technical and economical feasibility studies, project optimization, wether regarding equipment dimensions and main characteristics sizing or for civil engineering
– Technical plant dimensions and solution optimization which will allow to find the best technical and economical compromise
– Project development up to obtaining all authorizations, with a management/help in obtaining administrative authorizations
– Support for the electrical connection
– Writing project specification for supplier and/or firm consultation
– Supplier consultation, recommendations for the suppliers’choice, drafting contracts
– Support on commercial and technical negociations
– Reception of equipment on site
– Work site and on-site assembly follow-up especially in project management context
– Acceptance of work and technical expertise acceptance for the snag list
– Technical expertise missions for existing power plant requiring renovation, energy-efficient renovation or presenting issues.

Experience and references:

With over 20 power plants completed by SOTEN and 20 power plants (most are CHP plants) completed by our partner Haffner Lda (same family), SOTEN is the french independent and well-established company, having the most references regarding design, management of renewable energy plants and of medium size thermal plants up to 70 MW (thermal power).

SOTEN is one of the independant and well-established company on the market, who is able to propose a comprehensive solution.