Soten, engineering a new biomass-fired combined heat&power (CHP) plant

Soten was selected by Bonnefoy Béton Carrières Industrie (BBCI) to complete the installation of a gasification plant named « Synnov ».

This is a logical development for the Bonnefoy group, a civil engineering contractor located near Besançon (Doubs). Thanks to a 10-year experience in sorting, reusing and recycling waste from construction and public works, the family-run company headed by M. Frédéric Bonnefoy is now embarking on the development of biomass-fired cogeneration plants in France and abroad.

This plant under construction at the industrial site of BBCI located in Villiers-sous-Montrond, will transform into fuel the ordinary industrial waste coming from its waste sorting center that will normaly end up in landfills such as metals, cardboard, treated wood, plastic, that cannot be recycled or reused in its cement plants.

How does it work?
The gasification process is the main and first step used in this plant. This gasification will transform fuel prepared in the plant into synthesis gas (also called syngas) and is distributed as follows:
– 85% biomass (including 60% biomass from recovery of non-hazardous waste and 25% biomass from log forest, forest chips or equivalent)
– 15% other waste from public works or ordinary industrial waste.

This synthesis gas will then be purified before being used as fuel in gas engines. Like in a combined cycle power plant, the electrical and thermal outputs of the plant will be maximized by means of a steam cycle using a turbine (with generator and condenser).

This project will avoid the annual emission of approximately 24,000 tons CO2 equivalent, which would have been induced by the use of fossil fuel instead of biomass* (calculation based on a facility producing an equivalent amount of energy, running on natural gas)

On one hand, this cogeneration process will allow the sale of electricity to the ENEDIS network with an estimated annual production of 51,600 MWh (equivalent to the consumption of 52,800 people) an on the other hand, it will allow the use of heat estimated at 90,000 MWh per year for the activities of BBCI, as well as for a drying unit of forest products which would soon be set up nearby.

Soten plans to deliver this cogeneration plant in spring 2018 for a commissioning in autumn. Leroux & Lotz (gasification unit), Eneria (gas engines) and Haffner Energy (steam turbine) are the main industrial partners for this project.

This is another great achievement for the Soten team, always serving ecological and energy transition.

*Source: Préfecture of Franche-Comté Region (Préfecture is a French local administrative office)
Region Head Office for Environment, Urban planning and Housing (DREAL ; Direction Régionale de l’Environnement, de l’Aménagement et du Logement)

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