The merger of SOTEN and HAFFNER ENERGY companies

Before their merger, HAFFNER ENERGY was the mother company and was holding 100% of the SOTEN family design office, owned by Marc and Philippe HAFFNER. They are now 80% shareholders of HAFFNER ENERGY, with 20% of the shares held by the cross-border EUREFI investment fund.

The merger of SOTEN and HAFFNER ENERGY allows to greatly improve synergies and funds thus providing our customers with a better understanding and overview of our activities and business. In addidtion, our customers will benefit from a wider range of services and better guarantees.

SOTEN remains the key company for all business for « Design and Construction of Power Plants » from assistance to contracting authorities (end users), engineering, Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPMC), Engineering, Procurement & Construction contractor (EPC). SOTEN now widens its offer by proposing an EPC solution in the supervision of purchasing equipment and of supplying BOP equipment. For its customers, SOTEN’s service portfolio has been extended up to the supervision of maintenance and operations.

HAFFNER ENERGY‘s business focuses on the development, production and commercial lauching of industrial and innovative equipment to improve energy efficiency.

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